LoL Prodigy JackeyLove’s Inhuman Play Mistaken for Cheating by AI System

LoL Prodigy JackeyLove’s Inhuman Play Mistaken for Cheating by AI System

28. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In a stunning turn of events, Yu Wenbo, known as “JackeyLove,” an ADC player for TOP Esports and former world champion with Invictus Gaming, faced an unexpected ban during a live League of Legends (LoL) match.

Tencent’s cheat detection AI in China flagged JackeyLove for alleged hacks, a decision that left the LoL community both astonished and amused.

The Play that Fooled the AI

The incident occurred while JackeyLove was playing SoloQ. In a display of remarkable skill, he maneuvered his character Sivir with such finesse that it confused Tencent’s AI system, which is designed to detect scripts and third-party program usage.

A Spectacular Escape and Counter

Caught in a tricky situation, JackeyLove managed to escape and reposition Sivir to strike back. When Lee Sin attempted to capitalize on JackeyLove’s recent Flash use, the Chinese ADC showcased reflexes that seemed beyond human capabilities.

He perfectly timed Sivir’s Spell Shield [E] to block Lee Sin’s Dragon’s Rage [R], while simultaneously evading three of Lee Sin’s attacks, including the ultimate. This extraordinary play led to the AI system mistakenly issuing an instant ban, interpreting his moves as script usage.

Quick Recovery and a Memorable Anecdote

Fortunately, being in a live stream worked to JackeyLove’s advantage. He quickly demonstrated the ban was an error and returned to his LoL match within minutes. While he did face a minor penalty for being momentarily absent from the game, it was a small price to pay for what became a memorable experience and a testament to his skill.

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Human or Machine? JackeyLove’s Uncanny Ability

This incident humorously raised the question among fans: is JackeyLove so skilled that he needs to see a mechanic instead of a doctor for knee pain? His ability to make an AI system question its programming is a testament to his extraordinary talent in LoL.

The Unexpected Ban of JackeyLove in a Live LoL Match

JackeyLove’s experience is a reminder of the limits of AI in gaming and the exceptional abilities of pro players. His quick thinking and in-game skills not only provided an unforgettable moment for viewers but also demonstrated the human element that remains crucial in eSports.