LoL: Fnatic qualifies directly to the Worlds

LoL: Fnatic qualifies directly to the Worlds

4. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Fnatic, the British organization, got a trip to the Season Finals in Montpellier and a pass to the Worlds. The team achieved their goals despite the absence of Oscarinin and all the obstacles they faced throughout the season.

Fnatic culminates their Berlin miracle and will be the third representative at least to take EMEA to the League of Legends World Championship. Without a doubt, the road to Worlds has not been an easy task, but Fnatic has achieved its goal.

Fnatic qualifies directly for Worlds

For Fnatic players to qualify directly to Worlds, they had to defeat an aggressive BDS team that pushed them to the limit of five maps. Throughout the match, Fnatic fans felt terror in their hearts as the entire match was super close.

During the match, we could see the great talent of Wunder and all the drive Adam had to compete with his former club to qualify for Worlds. Undoubtedly, these two factors were key to the victory of the British team. To many people’s surprise, Wunder, with only three scrims, could hold his lines exceptionally well. But that’s not all. This player managed to win completely crucial fights for Fnatic.

Fnatic culminates its Berlin miracle

In recent months, Fnatic’s history has been plagued by challenges, obstacles, disappointing results, criticism, and questions about the sporting endeavor. The arrival of new players and new momentum, especially in shot-calling, were decisive for Fnatic to show its full potential in the Summoner’s Rift. For its part, the embrace between Razork and Oscarinin was a true reflection of all this and the peace of achieving a goal many people doubt they could achieve.

Fnatic will be present in Montpellier to define the LEC 2023

Fnatic not only got its ticket to the Worlds but also a ticket to Montpellier. Finally, the Orange organization successfully returns to the European elite of LoL. The British organization is waiting for its next opponent, which will be determined in the match between MAD Lions and G2 Esports.

With all three EMEA teams qualified for Worlds, the stakes are set to get the top seed in the series. This way, they can get the best start in the new Worlds format. Recall that the World Championships will use a Swiss system this year to advance the teams with the most wins to the next round.

Despite the great moment that Fnatic is currently experiencing, the joy is not complete. They have not confirmed the return of Oscarinin or their new player, Wunder, for the moment. Fnatic will have to present at the Sud de France Arena next week. After a season more than suffered, Fnatic will be able to embrace its public in a live event, and it will be a perfect farewell to travel to the Worlds.