LoL: FlyQuest’s coach and midlaner fired

LoL: FlyQuest’s coach and midlaner fired

10. September 2023 by miranda angeles

After a disastrous summer season for FlyQuest in the LCS, the organization has decided to fire the team’s coach and Midlaner. Right now, FlyQuest is restructuring its team for the upcoming season.

FlyQuest makes changes to its LoL roster

Currently, FlyQuest is the second LCS team to announce a roster restructuring. The organization’s first move was to fire coach Kim “Ssong” Sang-soo and midlaner Lee “VicLa” Dae-Kwang yesterday, September 9th.

After a disappointing end of the season for the FlyQuest organization, the team congratulated the coach and player for all their dedication and passion for the team. In addition, they announced the departure of these two team members in the off-season. However, who will be responsible for replacing Ssong and VicLa is unknown. But let’s remember that the team has enough time to complete the roster, as the start of the 2024 Spring Split is still a few months away.

A busy season for Ssong and VicLa

Recall that Ssong and VicLa made a major change before arriving at FlyQuest. The coach left behind his position with Team DRX, while VicLa left to play with KT Rolster. These two FlyQuest members arrived in the United States at the end of 2022. Much of the community was anxious to see how the imports would adapt to their new team for the 2023 season. Without a doubt, the 2023 season was very intense for Ssong and VicLa. However, they did not meet FlyQuest’s goals.

In the regular season, the team posted a 14-4 record and came close to achieving their goal. However, the team declined after Golden Guardians defeated FlyQuest in the Mid-Season Invitational. However, VicLa earned the spot of the third LCS Pro Team in their first Split thanks to their versatile play style.

This result was the best FlyQuest could achieve in the 2023 season. After this first Split, the team stagnated, and in the summer, they had a very bad performance, achieving a 0-6 record. In addition, VicLa became the worst midlaner of the Split due to his KDA.

However, the lowest point for FlyQuest was 3-9, almost out of the postseason. At that point, the organization decided to bench the Korean player and promote their academy player, Djalal “Spirax” Djiar. However, the damage to the team had already been done.

It is important to note that VicLa’s career is far from over. The young player is only 19 years old. Although he is going through a rough patch, he may find another place in the LCS. However, if he does not find another team in this league, he is expected to return home to play in the Korean league.