LoL: Excel Esports celebrates its first qualification to the LEC Finals

LoL: Excel Esports celebrates its first qualification to the LEC Finals

30. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Excel Esports celebrates in a big way the pass to the finals after beating Fnatic. Excel Esports was undoubtedly dominant in the game and made it to the LEC finals for the first time. 

This team has gone from being at the bottom to the top of the standings. Excel Esports has spent the last four years in the bottom or middle of the LEC standings. However, its time to shine has finally come, and it now finds itself at the top of the European championship.

Excel Esports celebrates its first qualification for the LEC Finals

Excel Esports defeated Fnatic in the 2023 Summer Split playoffs. With this victory, the organization gets its first pass to the LEC Finals. This is a great achievement for Excel Esports, who beat the reigning league champions. The battle between Excel Esports and Fnatic was undoubtedly worth watching for all fans.

Excel Esports was in excellent condition and dominated their rival, winning the match 3-1. Without a doubt, Excel Esports’ victory was one of the best comebacks ever achieved by a LoL team. As mentioned, this team comes from the lowest position in the standings.

Now, for the team’s leader, Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu, this is a very special victory, as he has reached his former level of excellence. Moreover, Odoamne has proven that he deserves that victory. The 28-year-old veteran racked up 26 kills and 31 assists throughout four games. He has undoubtedly caused a lot of damage to his opponents.

Odoamne’s career in the LEC

Odoamne first made it to the LEC Finals in 2022 alongside Rogue, the team we now know as KOI. However, after those finals, the team changed the roster, and the 28-year-old veteran was replaced by top laner Mathias “Szygenda” Jensen. Although Odoamne had helped his team win the championship, he was replaced.

Now, with Excel’s latest win, KOI has been formally excluded from the season finals. As a result, KOI will not be able to compete in the World Championship in South Korea. Throughout the season, KOI has not performed well. In addition, this team has struggled to be consistent throughout the year; it can be said that in the regular season, KOI had a mediocre performance of 4-5.

After seeing KOI’s results, Odoamne was asked what he thought of his former team. Odoamne answered the following:

“You reap what you sow.”

On the other hand, after celebrating the important victory against Fnatic, Excel is now focused on their latest rival, G2 Esports. Undoubtedly, G2 Esports comes to the finals as the clear favorite. However, anything can happen, and Excel could give one last surprise in the European championship.