The Competitive World of LoL: Navigating Through Challenging Times in Esports

The Competitive World of LoL: Navigating Through Challenging Times in Esports

4. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The Shifting Sands of LJL

The Japanese League of Legends (LJL), once a beacon of emerging talent with direct access to international events like MSI and Worlds, faces a drastic shift. Riot Games’ decision to revoke direct qualification for Japanese teams has introduced a new level of fierce competition, reshaping the region’s path to global stages.

Economic Strains in North America’s LCS


Riot Games’ announcement of a major overhaul in the LCS format is shaking the foundation of North American esports. Slated for 2024, the league will slim down to just eight teams, signaling the end of an era for storied franchises like Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians. This follows the high-profile sale of TSM’s slot, highlighting the financial challenges facing teams.

The Surprising Exit of Team Aze

In Latin America, the abrupt withdrawal of Team Aze, the Apertura 2022 champions, casts a shadow over the region. This sudden move, impacting players, staff, and the broader community, reflects the volatile nature of the current esports landscape.


The Current State of LoL Esports

Despite these turbulent times for League of Legends, it’s important to note the contrasting stability and growth of other esports, particularly Valorant. Well-established tournaments and an expanding fan base are cementing Valorant’s position in the competitive arena. Moreover, the involvement of global icons like Lionel Messi in esports brings unparalleled visibility and prestige.

The Role of Iconic Figures in LoL’s Visibility

The current visibility of LoL heavily relies on charismatic figures adored by the community. Although such icons are becoming rarer, recent developments like the resurgence of LLA led by Josedeodo and Faker’s historic win at Worlds 2023, which garnered record viewership, indicate that sparks of brilliance still light up the LoL esports world amidst challenges.

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Unprecedented Challenges in the League of Legends Esports Scene

The esports landscape for League of Legends is undoubtedly facing a challenging phase, marked by structural changes, economic pressures, and unexpected exits.

However, the resilience shown by players, teams, and the community, coupled with the continued presence of influential figures, keeps the spirit of competition alive. As the esports world evolves, LoL’s ability to adapt and thrive amidst these trials will be key to its enduring success.