LoL: Drawing of the 2023 Worlds 2023 Play-In groups

LoL: Drawing of the 2023 Worlds 2023 Play-In groups

11. September 2023 by miranda angeles

The eve of the World Championship (Worlds) 2023 began when G2 Esports was named champion of the LEC 2023. Now, the countdown to the Worlds has already begun, and it did so with the first draw of the championship. From now on, the news related to the Worlds will be the center of attention of the entire LoL community, especially now that it is already known how the teams will be divided for the Play-In phase after the draw.

Drawing of the 2023 LoL Worlds Play-In groups

The first draw related to the Worlds, related to the Play-In, took place at the Arena Sud de France in Montpellier after the season finals of the LEC. For the first phase of the tournament, the crossings are already known, and they are as follows:

Worlds 2023 Play-In Groups

Group A

  • GAM Esports vs. LOUD
  • PSG Talon vs. Movistar R7

Group B

  • Team BDS / Golden Guardians vs. Team Whales
  • CTBC Flying Oyster vs. Detonation FocusMe

The draw for the Worlds Play-In occurred after a brief and simple act in which Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu opened the envelopes and read how the first crossings would be. It is important to note that the leaders of each group were the first to know their location. GAM Esports and PSG Talon are the leaders of group A. The winner of the playoff and CTBC Flying Oyster will be the leaders of Group B.

Once the leaders of each key had been distributed, it was necessary to know their rivals. To do so, pool 2 of the envelopes came out, where LOUD and Movistar R7 appeared to complete Group A. While Team Whales and Detonation FocusMe appeared to complete Group B.

LLA representative already knows his Play-In rivals

Latin America comes out with a good prediction after the draw. Despite having PSG Talon, one of the tournament’s favorites, as the initial opponent, Movistar R7 has great possibilities in their group. The Mexican team already showed great potential by defeating GAM Esports in the MSI, and LOUD seems to be an opponent close to their chances.

In addition, thanks to the draw, Movistar R7 was able to avoid one of the most feared teams in the Play-In. The team that emerges victorious between Team BDS and Golden Guardians will be one of the strongest. Undoubtedly, the Latin American team has a good chance of making it through the Play-In.

Finally, with the crossings ready, the Play-In of the Worlds is all set to begin. The first will start on October 10 in South Korea, but not before determining who will win the playoff match between Team BDS and Golden Guardians.