LoL Community Calls for Nerfs on Brand Jungle After Patch 13.21

LoL Community Calls for Nerfs on Brand Jungle After Patch 13.21

28. December 2023 by Never

The League of Legends (LoL) community is in an uproar over the newfound dominance of Brand in the jungle role, following the release of patch 13.21. Players are now clamoring for Riot Games to implement nerfs to balance the gameplay.

The Rise of Brand as a Jungler

Patch 13.21 aimed to diversify jungle options, and Brand emerged as a surprising yet powerful choice. His enhanced damage against monsters has made him an exceptionally efficient jungler, outpacing many traditional picks.

Community’s Concern

The issue at hand is Brand’s rapid jungle clearing ability, especially with his area-of-effect damage from his passive, Pyroclasm. This allows him to swiftly clear camps like the Krugs or Raptors, gaining a significant level advantage early in the game.

The Counterargument

However, not everyone agrees that Brand is overpowered in the jungle. Some players argue that other champions like Evelynn, Karthus, Udyr, and Fiddlesticks can match his clearing speed and impact in the game.

Looking Forward

As the next season is about to begin, all eyes are on Riot Games to see how they address this in the upcoming patches. Will Brand receive the nerfs that many are asking for, or will Riot Games maintain the status quo?

Brand’s clear is so fast that he can full clear and gank bottom at level 4 while they’re still level 2.
byu/Taylor1350 inleagueoflegends

Brand’s Dominance in LoL Jungle: Community Calls for Nerfs

The LoL community’s feedback is crucial, and Riot Games must consider these perspectives to maintain a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience. The upcoming season will undoubtedly bring new developments, and players should stay tuned for the first patch of the year.