League of Legends: The Champion Most Likely to Go AFK Revealed

League of Legends: The Champion Most Likely to Go AFK Revealed

26. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the competitive arena of League of Legends (LoL), player disconnections, known as going AFK (Away From Keyboard), can significantly impact the game’s dynamics and outcome.

This behavior not only disrupts the gameplay experience but can also result in penalties for the disconnected player and their team.

A recent analysis has brought to light an intriguing statistic: Sett, the robust combatant, tops the chart for the highest AFK rate in recent times.

Sett’s Unfortunate Distinction

Sett, known for his strength and combat prowess, ended the year with a dubious honor. He has the highest rate of AFK incidents, with a concerning 2.39% of his games ending with him disconnected. This phenomenon can dramatically tip the scales during crucial in-game moments, such as objective fights or key team battles.

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The Impact of AFK in LoL

  • Disrupts Game Balance: The sudden absence of a champion can give an unfair advantage to the opposing team.
  • Affects Team Morale: The player’s disconnection often leads to frustration and tension among team members.
  • Penalties and Sanctions: Players who go AFK may face consequences from the game’s disciplinary systems.

Other Champions with High AFK Rates

Following Sett, other champions like Qiyana and Kog’Maw also have notable AFK rates. Though less frequent, their disconnections remain a concern for the LoL community.

Janna: A Model of Commitment

Contrasting with Sett’s high AFK rate, Janna emerges as a beacon of reliability. She has the lowest rate of game abandonment, exemplifying responsible and committed gameplay.

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Analysis of AFK Rates in LoL esports

Improving the gaming experience in League of Legends and fostering a healthier community culture is crucial. Players need to be aware of the impact of going AFK and strive to contribute positively to their teams. The hope is that by highlighting these statistics, players will be more motivated to stay engaged throughout their matches.