LoL: Arena Returns with New Map, More Players, and Other Changes

LoL: Arena Returns with New Map, More Players, and Other Changes

16. April 2024 by Never

Riot Games has confirmed all the exciting updates coming to the Arena mode as it makes its return to LoL, remaining available throughout Split 2. This eagerly anticipated mode is set to undergo significant modifications, including the introduction of a new map, increased player count per match, and the addition of prismatic items.


Arena quickly became a beloved mode among the LoL community since its inception. Riot Games even contemplated transforming it into a permanent mode within the client, akin to ARAM. While this aspiration remains on the horizon, Arena’s revival brings forth numerous adjustments and improvements, signaling the developer’s dedication to enhancing the player experience.

New Map

With the expansion of player capacity, Arena introduces a brand-new map named “Koi Pond,” providing a glimpse into its aesthetic through a recently unveiled preview. Additionally, a new area within the store has been incorporated, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

Matchmaking and Rankings

Arena will kick off its season of rankings alongside those of Summoner’s Rift, starting from patch 14.10. Matchmaking restrictions have also been outlined, allowing players to queue in groups ranging from 1 to 8 individuals. Notably, there will be no alterations to MMR or Gladiator rank.

Increased Player Count

The number of players per match will double, rising from 8 to 16, resulting in 8 teams of two players each. This augmentation promises enhanced diversity in team compositions and strategies, fostering dynamic gameplay scenarios.

Introduction of Prismatics and Anvils

Prismatics, a novel category of items, will dictate players’ paths throughout the match, providing strategic depth and unpredictability. Furthermore, Anvils, consumable items purchasable from the store, offer three random item options within a specified category upon activation.

Functionality Enhancements

Various new features will be introduced, including spectator mode, surrender option, replays, among others. Additionally, adjustments will be made to existing features to refine the overall gameplay experience.

Arena update! Dev updates next week and earlier Arena release than anticipated.
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Revitalizing the Arena: LoL’s Exciting Return

The return of Arena to LoL heralds an exciting era, marked by innovation and refinement. With a plethora of enhancements and improvements, players can expect a rejuvenated gaming experience. Notably, Arena will remain accessible throughout Split 2, spanning a duration of four months.