LoL: All the details of Worlds

LoL: All the details of Worlds

25. September 2023 by miranda angeles

The biggest LoL event of the year returns to South Korea. This Worlds looks set to mark a before and after with the long-awaited format change requested for years. Today, we bring you an article with all the details about this awaited competition, which will be held on slightly different dates this 2023 due to the celebration of the Asian Games.

Calendar and location of Worlds 2023

As mentioned, this year’s Worlds will be a bit longer both in time and calendar. Worlds this year will not be held on its usual date, as the Asian Games are currently being held. Since League of Legends will be an official sport at these Asian Games for the first time, we already know how Asian players would approach this competition. Because of this, Riot Games opted to delay the dates of the Worlds to avoid any “problems” with players and teams because of the dates. Thus, Worlds 2023 will start on October 10 and conclude on November 19.

Moreover, it is time to return to the nation of Faker and company to experience a new World Cup. Recall that South Korea hosted international events in 2014, 2018, the World Cup, and 2022 MSI.

Now, these 2023 World Cups will start on October 10 in Seoul. For the quarterfinals and semifinals, the League of Legends “caravan” will visit a place known as Busan. It will return to Seoul for the finals. This best-of-five match will take place on November 19.

  • Play-In: October 10-15 at the LoL Park in Seoul.
  • Group stage: October 19-23 and 26-29 at the KBS Arena in Seoul.
  • Quarterfinals: November 2-5 at the Sajik Arena (Sajik Indoor Gymnasium) in Busan.
  • Semifinals: November 11-12 at the Sajik Arena (Sajik Indoor Gymnasium) in Busan.
  • Final: November 19 at Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome (Kiwoom Heroes baseball team stadium).


The new World Cups will be held in a new format. As a result, in 2023, we will have 22 teams competing in these World Cups in a different form. Most of them will start on October 10. They will play the Play-in for five days.

Then, we will move to the Swiss format, something new for these 2023 World Championships, with the qualified teams from this phase. This phase will cover two different weeks, from October 19 to 29.

Then, as always, the semifinals will be played from November 11 to 12, and the quarterfinals from November 2 to 5; conventional procedure with competitive elimination. The Gocheok Sky Dome, a baseball stadium with 16,000 to 25,000 spectators, will host the championship game on November 19. This will be this year’s League of Legends championship venue for a new team.

Return of Worlds to South Korea

THE LCK commissioner commented the following on the return of LoL Worlds to South Korea:

“The LoL World Championship will be held in Korea for the first time since 2018 in five years. We are putting the finishing touches on an event that will be remembered by esports fans in Korea and around the world.”

On the other hand, the LCK commissioner commented:

“We will work hard to support our LCK teams so they can win the trophy again at home and build on last year’s success.”