LoL: Alistar is deactivated from Arena mode

LoL: Alistar is deactivated from Arena mode

2. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Riot Games has recently decided to deactivate Alistar from LoL Arena mode. The game developers have temporarily disabled Alistar while they fix his ultime. Before being deactivated, Alistar was so powerful that nothing could stop him, only the devs.

Alistar is deactivated from Arena mode

The Arena, the recently launched game mode in League of Legends, is dominated by the strongest champions. However, players cannot play with Alistar (a level S character) in their fights for now. The reason for not being able to use Alistar is that the developers rushed to turn off the power pick yesterday.

Yesterday, August 1, Riot Games developers informed the entire community of players that this champion had been deactivated. According to the information revealed by Riot, Alistar had a problem with his ultimate ability. As a result, Alistar failed in certain groups.

Alistar’s ultimate ability

Alistar’s ultimate ability is Unbreakable Will (his R ability). This ability can nullify crowd control effects and also helps to reduce the magic and physical damage received by this champion.

The game developers have not been informed exactly what the flaw in his ultimate ability is about. However, if we consider the comments and complaints from players, Alistar in Arena had become an almost “immortal” champion. So it is likely that Riot Games is working to reduce all that extra potential and can be more balanced with the rest of the champions.

Although Alistar may not be one of the most aggressive support champions in arena mode, the minotaur has an almost unstoppable strength. In Arena mode, Alistar comes to have almost the same strength as Taric. So if you combine the minotaur with some champions, you can inflict a lot of damage, which undoubtedly, for many players, is excellent because they get a lot of points quickly. However, for their opponents, it is an unfair advantage.

That is why many players were banning Alistar from the games. According to the data revealed by League Arena MetaScr, Alistar has a 30% ban rate in the games, and if we consider that the bug is related to his ultimate, everything makes sense.

Riot Games developers have not specified when Alistar will be active on the servers again. But if you are one of the players who use the Alistar-Poppy combo or who team up the minotaur with Fiora or Vayne, it’s time to think about other combinations. It may be that when Alistar returns to the game, it won’t be as powerful as it is now. If you need a powerful duo, we recommend Taric and Vayne or Taric and Jax; you can win many battles with these champions.