LoL: ADCs Out of Meta? Riot Reverts Planned ADC Changes for Patch 14.12

LoL: ADCs Out of Meta? Riot Reverts Planned ADC Changes for Patch 14.12

31. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As players adjust to the new content from League of Legends’ 14.11 update, Riot Games has been preparing adjustments for the next patch. However, confusion has arisen as Riot reverses the planned changes for ADCs in Patch 14.12.

Riot’s ADC Changes on the PBE

Initially, Riot Games introduced a series of adjustments on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) aimed at enhancing ADCs. These changes focused on increasing their base health regeneration and base attack speed to improve their survivability following recent item modifications. Notably, Corki received a small rework to transition to the bot lane.

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Details of the Planned Changes

The changes on the PBE included:

  • Increased Base Health Regeneration: Intended to help ADCs withstand poke damage and stay longer in lane.
  • Increased Base Attack Speed: Aimed to provide a smoother early game experience.

However, these buffs came with reductions in:

  • Health Regeneration Growth: The rate at which health regeneration increases per level.
  • Attack Speed Growth: The rate at which attack speed increases per level.

Riot Reverts ADC Changes

Shortly after implementing these changes on the PBE, Riot decided to revert them. This sudden reversal has left many players wondering about the future direction for ADCs.

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Community Reaction and Speculation

The ADC community is now left speculating whether these changes will be forgotten or revisited in future patches. Given that the ADC role received significant buffs in Patch 14.10, the recent rollback suggests that Riot may be re-evaluating how best to balance ADCs’ survivability and damage output.

Implications for the ADC Role

The initial intention behind the changes was to bolster ADCs’ survivability while slightly reducing their damage per second (DPS) potential. This balancing act is crucial, as ADCs often serve as the primary damage dealers in a team composition.

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Future Prospects

If these adjustments return to the PBE, we might see:

  • Enhanced Survivability: ADCs could become less vulnerable to early-game aggression.
  • Reduced DPS: ADCs might have lower overall damage output, requiring more strategic play and positioning.

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Final Toughts

Riot’s decision to revert the planned ADC changes in Patch 14.12 has created uncertainty in the community. As players wait for further updates, it’s essential to stay informed about upcoming patches and adjustments.

Whether these changes will be reintroduced or reworked remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Riot is continuously striving to balance and enhance the gameplay experience for all roles in League of Legends.

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