LoL: A caster is banned from Twitch and, as a consequence, could be out of the EMEA Masters

LoL: A caster is banned from Twitch and, as a consequence, could be out of the EMEA Masters

15. August 2023 by miranda angeles

One of the League of Legends casters has been banned from Twitch. Consequently, he could be out of the first phase of the Master EMEA.

A caster banned from Twitch

August 14 is a very special day for LoL fans in Europe. Remember that this day marked the start of the 2023 Summer Masters in the EMEA region. With this important tournament, the amateur LoL scene is booming. However, a famous English-speaking caster might be out of the entire first phase of the tournament, as he has been banned from Twitch. The caster we are talking about is Adrian “Jamada” Wharlton-Thorne. He claims that he has had his Twitch account suspended “unfairly.”

The caster Jamada is a recognized figure in both the LPL and EMEA. Jamada has stated that during the EMEA Summer Masters, he will not be able to work from his account. He claims that his account was suspended for “hateful conduct” The suspension started on August 10 and will last for two more weeks. Jamada was scheduled to begin covering each Play-In broadcast in the tournament’s group stage.

On the other hand, Jamada claims that after being banned, he made an initial appeal which was denied. In addition, he comments that he was not given a justification for the banning of his account.

Jamada has tried to get the ban removed from his Twitch account. That is why, a few days ago, in a Reddit thread, he commented that he has been trying to contact Twitch to find a solution to his problem. However, he has had no luck. He cannot appear in any Twitch broadcast while his account is suspended.

I’m Jamada, an LPL and EMEA caster. I seemed to have been wrongfully suspended from Twitch which is now preventing me from participating in the upcoming EMEA masters.
by u/Jamadalol in leagueoflegends

Jamada misses out on EMEA Master’s group stage

On the other hand, Jamada has commented that for the first time in three years, he will be out of the EMEA Master group stage broadcasts. The caster says he has been a core member of the tournament for years and is passionate about doing each of the broadcasts.

On the other hand, Jamada comments that tournament days are the only working days he has during this month. So being out of the whole tournament is completely detrimental to his income.

A couple of days ago, Jamada tried to draw attention to his Twitch problem to see if he could get a solution. However, he didn’t get the reaction he was hoping for from Twitch.

For his part, all of his fans support him and have criticized Twitch for doing bans without justifying the reason. A follower of Jamada comments that Twitch should comment on the cause of the ban. This way, people can appeal more easily if that were the case. However, for now, Jamada still has his account suspended.