Revamping Summoner’s Rift for LoL Season 14

Revamping Summoner’s Rift for LoL Season 14

20. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

As the 2024 League of Legends esports season approaches, Riot Games has revealed tantalizing glimpses of the transformative changes coming to Summoner’s Rift. These adjustments are set to revolutionize strategies and gameplay, offering a fresh experience to players.

Significant Map Alterations

Confirmed by Riot Games after recent leaks, Season 14 of LoL will witness significant modifications to Summoner’s Rift, altering the landscape of the game as we know it.

Key Changes Unveiled

  • Baron Nashor and Herald: A sneak peek reveals a more striking appearance, hinting at The Void’s influence.
  • Campsite Alterations: Camps now bear distinctive Void colors, symbolizing a deeper connection to Runeterra’s negative zone.
  • Shared Camp Buffs: Bonuses from camps will now be distributed among team members, a shift from recent updates where buffs were exclusive to individuals.

Structural Transformations

  • Expanded Spaces: Strategic hunting grounds near external turrets have been broadened.
  • New River Structures: Additional constructions in the river area are expected to add dynamic elements to gameplay.
  • Bush Additions: New foliage around the Tier 2 tower exits will introduce fresh ambush and defense opportunities.