Logan Paul sued because of CryptoZoo NFT game

Logan Paul sued because of CryptoZoo NFT game

5. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

Coffezilla exposed a scam related to Logan Paul’s NFT Game Cryptozoo and is now in court because of it, facing a class action lawsuit. All of this accuses him of fraud! A Texas police officer had lost a lot of money because of the Youtuber and is now in the process of suing him.

Logan Paul is a huge Youtuber who has always been involved in controversies. Recently, he was in the headlines for his NFT game Crypto-Zoo, a game for which he had raised money from his fans but which never made it to the market. After a year- long investigation, another Youtuber, Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen, discovered that Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo was basically a scam. Coffeezilla is always uncovering scams and confronting the people behind them, most recently he was on the trail of Logan Paul and his Crypto project.

What is CryptoZoo?

Supposed to work as income generated passively for his followers and investors CryptoZoo is a game based around the blockchain. It mainly failed because Paul’s team started to sell the currency generated ingame before the public could do so! The idea was that you buy the game currency to spend on NFT eggs that hatch into animals.

You can breed these animals to create hybrids. Rarer animals bring in more coins, which could have been exchanged for real-world money. But Paul’s people sold the game currency and in the process hundreds, if not thousands, of people lost their money. In the end, the game was not developed and there is no evidence that it was ever in development.

Coffeezilla is on the trail of Logan Paul

Initially, Logan Paul was angry about Coffeezilla’s years-long investigation and threatened to sue him. Then he backpedaled and apologized in a statement, claiming he would finish the game with the help of a three-step-plan. But the damage control was not enough, and recently a class action lawsuit was filed against Logan Paul.

The plaintiff is a Texas police officer who put around $3,000 into CryptoZoo and, of course, didn’t get any of it back. The plaintiff claims $75,000 for “conspiracy to defraud,” “fraudulent misrepresentation,” “negligence,” “unjust enrichment,” and more, the case is being heard in Austin.

Logan Paul is not alone

The lawsuit names not only Logan Paul, but all of the people involved in the game’s development, including former lead developer Eddie Ibanez. Ultimately, the plaintiff is asking Logan’s squad to pay for numerous damages, from attorney fees and legal costs to civil penalties and mental anguish. Logan Paul had tried to get out of it when he said that some of his NFT game developers were “scammers,” including allegedly a developer named Zach Kelling had fled to Switzerland with the game’s source code and tried to extort Logan Paul for $1 million with it. Wisely (which is rare) Logan Paul has not issued a statement regarding the lawsuit during it’s start.