List of champions that you should ban in your LoL rankings

List of champions that you should ban in your LoL rankings

4. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Undoubtedly, since the launch of LoL, players have had one clear goal: to increase their elo. In every game, before moving on to Summoner’s Rift, players must go through the phase of choosing and banning champions. According to many players’ opinions, some characters should be permanently banned during the champion banning phase.

It can be said that many League of Legends players find it difficult to advance in the game. That is why Riot Games has introduced significant changes this year. One of these changes is that the LoL season has been split into two parts. Riot’s goal with that measure is to provide more opportunities to have victorious skins without the need to finish in gold. On the other hand, the game developers also tried to adjust the LP earnings. This way, players can feel less frustrated.

Anyway, the game system has not changed. So far, the Picks and Bans is still the first step each player must take to enter the rankings lobby. It is important to note that some aspects have more impact than others, especially the newer ones or some that the community considers OP. However, which of these champions deserves to be permanently banned? The player community gives us some clues.

List of champions you should ban from your LoL leaderboard

Recently on Reddit, a user started a debate in the LoL community. This user asked, “Which champion is your permaban in ranked? Why?”

On the other hand, this same user has stated his opinion, where he assures that he would ban Kha’zix in every game except Jungle. He also comments that he feels tired of this champion, as he seems very powerful. However, at the end of the game, it isn’t easy to deal with him.

Which champion is your permaban in ranked? Why?
by u/moon594 in leagueoflegends

Other Reddit users quickly commented on the said post and expressed their opinions. In particular, users commented that there are champions within LoL that have tools or crowd control tools that are annoying or that have great potential for snowball effects.

One user mentioned an iconic champion within LoL, Master Yi. This user advised all players to kick the said champion as he was not fun to play with. In addition, he claims that he does not want Master Yi on his team or the opposing team as he finds this champion very annoying.

On the other hand, many users mentioned Yuumi, Veigar, Jax, Pyke, Thresh, and Illaoi as terribly boring champions to play against. One user commented that Veigar drops every time he is in Cage. Because of those decisions, my team has dropped two ranks.

On the other hand, a user commented that Teemo is one of the most irritating champions in LoL. But without a doubt, Yordle is the most hated champion in the LoL universe, no matter what Riot Games does with this champion; players hate him.