Liquipedia Announces Expansion into Dota 2

Liquipedia Announces Expansion into Dota 2

16. April 2024 by Never

Liquipedia, the renowned esports information platform, has announced its expansion into the world of Dota 2. This move comes as part of Liquipedia’s strategy to broaden its scope beyond esports and into various gaming-related content.

Partnership with Fandom Dota 2

Liquipedia’s expansion includes the addition of a new section dedicated to video games, starting with Dota 2. This segment will be maintained by former administrators of the Fandom Dota 2 wiki, who joined Liquipedia after leaving the previous platform late last year.

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Background of Liquipedia

Launched in 2009, Liquipedia is a subsidiary of Team Liquid and functions similarly to Wikipedia. It currently covers 21 games, providing comprehensive information about teams, tournaments, and players.

Motivation behind the Expansion

Liquipedia’s decision to venture into Dota 2 is part of its broader strategy to open its platform to other gaming content, not just esports-related information. This initiative aims to address past hosting issues experienced by many gaming wikis, with Liquipedia offering to migrate these wikis to its platform.

Features of the New Dota 2 Wiki

The new Dota 2 wiki on Liquipedia will continue to feature content related to the game’s competitive scene. However, it will expand significantly to include information about heroes, mechanics, traditions, items, and cosmetics.

Initially, these pages will be separate, but the company plans to merge them into one cohesive resource in the future. The content will be regularly updated after each patch, serving as a historical document of the game’s competitive multiplayer evolution.

Statement from Liquipedia

Job Hilbers, Senior Manager of Liquipedia, expressed excitement about the expansion, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome the Dota 2 game information management team to Liquipedia.

With this move, we can finally cover the gameplay aspects of an esports title that we love.” He further added, “All types of Dota 2 fans can now find all the information they need not only to follow a tournament but also to better understand the match they are watching.

We hope that the Dota 2 community, by covering game information, can not only excel in the game but also become exposed to and fall in love with the competitive Dota 2 scene that we value so much.”

Expanding Horizons: Liquipedia’s Dive into Dota 2

Liquipedia’s expansion into Dota 2 represents a significant step forward in providing comprehensive gaming information to fans worldwide. With a dedicated team and a commitment to excellence, Liquipedia aims to become the go-to resource for all things esports and gaming-related.