The new facet of Lionel Messi: Conquering Esports with KRÜ

The new facet of Lionel Messi: Conquering Esports with KRÜ

8. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In a groundbreaking move for esports, Lionel Messi, the football maestro, has taken up the mantle as a co-owner of KRÜ Esports, aligning himself with the organization’s founder and close comrade, Sergio “Kun” Agüero.

A New Chapter for Football’s Finest

The news has sent ripples through the esports community, signaling not just a business venture but a bond that transcends the pitch. For Messi, his shift to the U.S. lifestyle has revealed a more laid-back persona, eager to cherish time with family and friends.

His involvement with KRÜ is less about financial gain—his status as the GOAT of football hardly leaves a need for more wealth—and more a testament to friendship, providing another avenue to unwind and venture into new territories.

Dispelling Rumors with a Dramatic Twist

Recent whispers of Agüero’s exit from KRÜ had fans of the digital arena on edge, but clarity came with an emotional twist. In a video that tugged at heartstrings, Agüero recounted KRÜ’s journey before dropping the bombshell—he was no longer the sole owner. “Now we are two,” he declared, unveiling Messi’s partnership.

Elevating KRÜ to New Horizons

This alliance isn’t just another headline; it’s a monumental stride in esports, bringing together two giants of Argentine and global football to propel KRÜ, a powerhouse in Latin American esports since 2020.

With notable achievements in major tournaments, particularly in Valorant—clinching a top-four spot globally at the Valorant Champions 2021—their camaraderie promises to pen an exciting new chapter for the team.

From the Field to the Screen: A Friendship Fortified

Agüero and Messi’s bond has long been cemented beyond their football exploits. Shared gaming sessions and a mutual love for virtual soccer games have now culminated in a shared mission: to drive KRÜ to the apex of global esports.

Dominating all the Fields!

The partnership of Messi and Agüero with KRÜ Esports is not merely a headline; it’s a strategic alliance poised to influence the future of esports profoundly. Their venture is rooted in friendship, passion for gaming, and a shared vision to dominate the esports arena just as they have on the football field.