Lightning McQueen and His Crossover With Epic Games

Lightning McQueen and His Crossover With Epic Games

7. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The animated sensation Lightning McQueen is set to speed into the world of Rocket League as a premium DLC package, while whispers in the gaming alleys hint at his impending dash into Fortnite’s realm.

A Turbocharged Arrival in Rocket League

Come November 7th, Rocket League enthusiasts can throttle up their excitement as the cherished Cars franchise character becomes available. This addition, albeit locked behind a credit system costing up to 2,500 in-game credits, is anticipated to fuel quite the stir among the motorhead community.

Controversy in the Trading Market

Despite the viral spread of the announcement, reaching 5 million views on Twitter, Epic Games finds itself under the scrutinizing gaze of the Rocket League community. December will mark a significant pivot for the game as it steers away from item trading, a decision that hasn’t been warmly received by the player base.

Epic’s Gameplan for Reconquest

This update is Epic’s gambit to reclaim the allegiance of its audience. While the discontinuation of the trading market – a former favorite among the Rocket League faithful – might seem counterintuitive, the integration with Fortnite is an innovative push towards a shared ecosystem.

From the Racing Circuit to the Battle Royale Arena

Fortnite is rumored to be revving up for an all-new racing mode, inspired by the vehicular thrills of Rocket League. The merging of inventories across both games paves the way for players to commandeer Rocket League favorites such as Octane, Dominus, Fennec, and the newly introduced Lightning McQueen, in Fortnite’s expansive universe.

The Anticipated Crossover Success

Given Fortnite’s record-breaking player engagement and the everlasting appeal of the Lightning McQueen franchise, the combined force of these two giants could propel the racing mode to blockbuster heights.