The Dark Horse of TI12: LGD Gaming Makes a Splash on Opening Day

The Dark Horse of TI12: LGD Gaming Makes a Splash on Opening Day

13. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The Underestimated Power of LGD

It was a surprising turn of events as the underdog LGD Gaming showed its prowess against the tournament’s favorite, Gaimin Gladiators. With only two representatives from China in TI12, not many expected LGD, with its young roster, to pose such a strong challenge. Yet, this match proved that the unexpected can indeed become a reality.

The Weight of Expectations on Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators, having clinched several Major titles and a couple of DreamLeague victories, entered TI12 as the undisputed team to beat. With their most recent triumph only a month ago, they were the main spectacle in Seattle. However, carrying the tag of the “favorite” can often come with its own set of pressures and challenges.

A Strategic Upset: Breaking Down LGD’s Victory

Gaimin Gladiators vs. LGD Gaming

Gaimin initiated their draft with what many predict to be the top-tier heroes of this TI: Pangolier, Muerta, and Treant Protector. On paper, this should have given them a significant advantage. However, LGD threw a curveball. Opting for a forgotten Chen and a carry Weaver, LGD’s draft was a refreshing change, filled with agility and sustainability. Their strategy paid off, as they dominated Gaimin from the laning stage, culminating in a 20 to 6 victory on the scoreboard in game one.

In the second game, LGD’s aggressive strategy was evident once again. Leveraging the strength of Chaos Knight, Primal Beast, and Bristleback for their core, and a position 4 Muerta, they maintained their momentum, leaving little room for Gaimin Gladiators to recover.

What’s Next for the Gaimin Gladiators?

While this loss is undoubtedly a setback, Gaimin Gladiators have opportunities to bounce back. Their next challenges lie against and nouns. With the entire community watching, their response in these matches will set the tone for their journey in TI12.

TI12 can Surprise!

LGD’s victory over Gaimin Gladiators is a clear testament to the unpredictable nature of The International Dota2 esports. While established metas and favorites often guide predictions, the true essence of TI lies in its ability to surprise and inspire. Teams, irrespective of their past accolades or expectations, must enter each match with adaptability and strategy. Today, LGD showcased that in abundance.