LGD Gaming Temporarily Withdraws from Elite League Amidst Allegations and Drama

LGD Gaming Temporarily Withdraws from Elite League Amidst Allegations and Drama

2. April 2024 by Never

LGD Gaming will temporarily step away from the Dota 2 scene to rebuild a new roster amidst rumors and drama.

The competitive Dota 2 scene has witnessed LGD Gaming showcasing remarkable performances in tournaments. However, after a mediocre period and amidst drama surrounding the organization’s challenging economic situation, the Chinese powerhouse will take a temporary hiatus to revamp its Dota 2 roster.

Official Announcement

The organization released the official announcement on its social media platforms, stating that they will enter a “rest period” and will not participate in the Elite League. This decision was made collectively during an internal meeting due to the “team’s recent performance.”

Interim Adjustment Period

During this interim period, they will adjust their current lineup, and once completed, a new LGD will be ready to compete in the future. However, we may not see LGD competing in the short term, as the team failed to qualify for any of the major tournaments taking place in the next two months.

Decline in Performance

It’s heartbreaking for fans to see LGD Gaming falter in the competitive scene. The Chinese giant has been accustomed to being among the top four teams at The International throughout Dota’s history. However, since last year, LGD has experienced a decline in its performances.

Chalice’s Allegations and Ruru’s Response

Former LGD player Yang “Chalice” Shenyi, who has been actively streaming, did not hold back in making bold claims and providing information. Even during The International 10 era, Chalice brought up the issue of unpaid salaries by LGD.


According to Chalice, LGD owes salaries to all players, but specifically 100,000 RMB (13,846 USD) to Chalice himself. He also claimed that LGD was taking streaming revenue from his former teammate, Wang “Ame” Chunyu.

CEO’s Response

LGD Gaming CEO Pan “Ruru” Jie responded to this barrage of accusations from Chalice. She confronted him for spreading rumors and threatened legal action. However, the player stood firm on his ground and claimed he was not afraid.

LGD’s Potential Bankruptcy

Players like Lin “planet” Hao, Ame, and Chalice have mentioned unpaid salaries. Additionally, players also stated that LGD Gaming moved its base from Shanghai to Changsha because the organization could not afford the previous base.

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Financial Struggles

The bankruptcy rumor is further supported by LGD manager Da Fei. In a live stream, he explained how LGD Gaming was manageable before 2019. But when the pandemic era of 2020 began, it was challenging to secure sponsorships. At the same time, they signed a 2-year contract with a star-studded lineup that required a significant investment.

LGD Gaming Faces Uncertain Future as Roster Disbanded: Esports Community Awaits Developments

Amidst the delicate moment in Esports, LGD Gaming seems to have gradually collapsed after a period of minimal income and tax expenses.

This could spell the end of the legendary Chinese team. However, no official announcements had been made until yesterday when they announced the roster’s disbandment. We must closely follow how the saga continues, and hopefully, it brings good news!