LGD Returns to Dota 2 with a New Confirmed Roster

LGD Returns to Dota 2 with a New Confirmed Roster

23. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

LGD Gaming has made a triumphant return to the Dota 2 competitive scene. The renowned team announced their comeback on their official Weibo and Twitter accounts, signaling the end of a brief hiatus that began in March. This exciting news has been met with enthusiasm from fans and the Dota 2 community alike.

Temporary Departure from Dota 2

LGD’s temporary exit from the Dota 2 arena came after a series of challenges. Following The International 2023, key players NothingToSay and planet left the team, which impacted LGD’s performance.

In January, midlaner Emo was moved to the inactive roster, and Setsu was brought in. However, just two months later, the organization announced that the team would be temporarily inactive due to their “recent poor performance,” as stated on their official Weibo.

Rumors within the Chinese Dota 2 community speculated about financial difficulties and potential disbandment. However, whispers of new sponsorships and a roster change hinted at a possible return, which has now been confirmed.


Official Announcement of LGD’s Return

Today, LGD Gaming confirmed their return to competitive Dota 2 through official social media channels. As the rumors predicted, the team has made a key change by replacing midlaner Setsu with Xu “Echo” Ziliang.

The rest of the roster remains intact, and the team has already begun training in preparation for upcoming competitions. With most of this season’s tier 1 events concluded, LGD’s new lineup is expected to debut in the open qualifiers for the Riyadh Masters 2024.

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New LGD Dota 2 Roster

LGD Gaming’s new Dota 2 roster is as follows:

  • Position 1: Guo “shiro” Xuanang
  • Position 2: Xu “Echo” Ziliang
  • Position 3: Li “niu” Kongbo
  • Position 4: Xiong “Pyw” Jiahan
  • Position 5: Zhang “y`” Yiping


What to Expect from LGD

With a fresh lineup and renewed determination, LGD Gaming is set to make a strong comeback in the Dota 2 scene. Fans are eagerly anticipating their performance in the upcoming Riyadh Masters 2024 qualifiers and future tournaments.

As one of the most storied teams in Dota 2 history, LGD’s return is a welcome development that promises to bring excitement and high-level competition back to the game.

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