Leviatan Star Signing: Aspas Joins from LOUD to Ignite VCT Americas

Leviatan Star Signing: Aspas Joins from LOUD to Ignite VCT Americas

10. January 2024 by Never

After weeks of intense speculation, Leviatan Esports has made a groundbreaking move by signing Erick “Aspas” Santos, the Brazilian star from LOUD. This acquisition marks a significant moment in the VCT Americas scene.

Aspas: A Rising Star in Valorant

Aspas, a 20-year-old player, is joining Leviatan Esports from LOUD, where he achieved remarkable success, including winning the Champions 2022. His addition to the team is expected to bring a new level of competitiveness and skill.

The Journey to Signing Aspas

The road to this acquisition was not straightforward for Leviathan. Fernando Diez, CEO of the organization, revealed in the “Última Ronda” podcast that despite receiving lucrative offers from teams in Asia, Europe, and other American teams, Aspas chose Leviatan. Interestingly, Leviatan offer was financially less compared to others.

Impact of Aspas on Leviatan and VCT Americas

This signing is undoubtedly one of the most significant in the VCT Americas market. Aspas comes off an excellent season with LOUD, where he not only won the VCT Americas but also secured a third place in the Champions and a runner-up position in the LOCK//IN. His experience and skills are expected to elevate Leviatan performance

Leviatan Esports Secures Brazilian Star Aspas in High-Profile Valorant Transfer

Leviatan Esports acquisition of Aspas is a strategic move that could reshape the dynamics of the VCT Americas. Aspas brings a proven track record of success and a wealth of experience that could be pivotal in Leviatan pursuit of regional and international glory.