Leviatán Triumphs Over 100 Thieves in VCT Americas Stage 2 Super Week

Leviatán Triumphs Over 100 Thieves in VCT Americas Stage 2 Super Week

1. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The VCT Americas 2024 Stage 2 continues to showcase thrilling Valorant action, and Leviatán has emerged victorious against 100 Thieves in the first super week of the stage. With a convincing 2-0 series win, Leviatán has secured crucial points in their quest for playoff qualification.

Leviatán’s Strategy Pays Off

After their participation in the VCT Masters Shanghai, Leviatán made significant changes to their coaching staff. These adjustments have proven successful, as evidenced by their dominant performance against MIBR in their debut. This Sunday, they added another victory to their record, edging closer to the next stage of the tournament.

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Map 1: Bind – Leviatán’s Resilient Defense

The series kicked off on Bind, chosen by 100 Thieves. Despite an initial lead, 100 Thieves couldn’t break through Leviatán’s robust defense, ending the first half with Leviatán leading 8-4. The second half saw Leviatán securing the pistol round, though 100 Thieves managed to close the gap, reaching double digits. However, Leviatán ultimately clinched the map with a 13-10 score.

Map 2: Haven – Dominance from Start to Finish

On Haven, Leviatán maintained control from the outset, showcasing excellent defensive play and finishing the first half with a commanding 10-2 lead. Transitioning to the attack, Leviatán secured the pistol round, and despite 100 Thieves earning a few more points, Leviatán decisively won the map 13-4, sealing the series.


Standings and Future Matches

With this victory, Leviatán remains at the top of the Omega group standings, tied with Evil Geniuses. The two teams are set to face off on July 2nd to determine the group leader. The VCT Americas 2024 Stage 2 action continues on July 1st with matches between NRG and G2 Esports.

Key Points from Leviatán vs. 100 Thieves Series:

  • Map 1: Bind
    • Initial rounds: 100 Thieves lead.
    • First half: Leviatán leads 8-4.
    • Second half: Leviatán wins 13-10.
  • Map 2: Haven
    • First half: Leviatán leads 10-2.
    • Second half: Leviatán wins 13-4.


Final Toughts

Valorant fans should keep an eye on Leviatán’s progress, as their recent changes and performances suggest they are strong contenders in this stage. For players looking to improve, analyzing Leviatán’s defensive strategies on Bind and their aggressive plays on Haven could provide valuable insights.

Stay tuned for more updates and match highlights as the VCT Americas 2024 continues to unfold.