Letme: The Unsung Hero of Royal Never Give Up

Letme: The Unsung Hero of Royal Never Give Up

24. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Yan Jun-Ze “Letme,” often compared to an Oscar-worthy supporting actor, has been a pivotal but underrated figure in the League of Legends arena, particularly for Royal Never Give Up (RNG). His arrival at RNG was like a last-minute entrant, hustled in unexpectedly but destined to play a crucial role.

Early Struggles and Resilience

Joining RNG post a promotion with Gamtee to the League of Legends Pro League (LPL), Letme’s early career was not without its challenges.

The 2015 Summer Split saw RNG fighting to maintain their standing in the LPL, leading to significant roster changes, including bringing on board Cho Se-hyeong “Mata.” This reshuffling pushed Letme to a secondary role, playing for Star Horn Royal Club, RNG’s academy team.

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The Era of Letme and Uzi

The end of Mata’s short-term project marked a new beginning for RNG – a fully Chinese roster with Letme back in the main lineup. This period was defined by a strategy that revolved around Jian Zi-Hao “Uzi.”

Letme’s role? A selfless player, sacrificing personal glory for the team’s success. His playstyle, often termed the ‘weak side,’ was about enduring and thriving with minimal resources, all to ensure Uzi and the team could shine.

Triumphs and Silent Sacrifices

The year 2017 was bittersweet for RNG, with near-misses in several tournaments. Despite their failure to overcome the indomitable Lee Sang-hyeok “Faker” at Worlds, Letme’s silent perseverance continued to be the backbone of the team.

His uncomplaining acceptance of the ‘weak side’ role earned him the nickname ‘Emperor’ for turning unfavorable matchups into manageable ones.

A Shocking Departure

RNG’s most successful year, 2018, ended in an unexpected loss to G2 Esports at Worlds. This defeat led to much introspection and the only team change – Letme’s departure. His silent exit was more impactful than anticipated, leading to a period of instability for RNG, which saw the team experimenting with five different top laners in less than a year.

A New Era and Legacy

Post Letme’s exit, RNG underwent significant changes, shifting focus from Uzi and adopting new strategies. Now, as he steps into the role of head coach in 2024, Letme faces the challenge of rebuilding the team after a lackluster 2023. His deep understanding of RNG and its history positions him uniquely to steer the team towards a new era of success.

The Journey of The Hero

As Letme embarks on his journey as a coach, his legacy as a player – resilience, adaptability, and selflessness – will undoubtedly influence his coaching philosophy. His insights and experiences, particularly in handling high-pressure situations and nurturing talent, will be crucial in redefining RNG’s future. League of Legends esports.