LEGO Fortnite’s Exciting Update v.28.10: Launch Platforms and More

LEGO Fortnite’s Exciting Update v.28.10: Launch Platforms and More

26. January 2024 by Never

The latest update v.28.10 brings an exhilarating addition to LEGO Fortnite – the launch platforms! These platforms are not just functional but add a fun twist to the game. Placing a platform on the ground, jumping onto it, and deploying a glider (crafted at a level 3 crafting bench) propels players into the skies in seconds. 

Elevating Construction with Dynamic Foundations

For those looking to take building to the next level, placing a launch platform on a dynamic foundation offers an extra layer of fun and creativity. It’s a game-changer for builders seeking innovative ways to engage with the game.

Additional Updates and Enhancements in v.28.10

The v.28.10 update isn’t limited to launch platforms; it brings a variety of enhancements and additions to make building in LEGO Fortnite even more engaging. These range from terrain obstacle removal to the introduction of new building pieces, offering players a wider array of creative possibilities.

Vibrant Villages and Simplified Villager Management

LEGO Fortnite villages come alive with new villagers like Arbustín, Cuatrera, and Tomatohead. The update simplifies villager management, allowing for instant village removal from the plaza, giving world owners more control over their environment.

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LEGO® Style for More Fortnite Outfits

The update extends beyond construction, introducing LEGO® styles for a range of Fortnite outfits. Iconic characters like Ahsoka Tano and Wolverine now have LEGO® versions, allowing players to infuse LEGO charm into their characters.

Enhanced Details for LEGO® Styles

Detail-oriented players will appreciate the enhanced updates to some LEGO® styles. These improvements not only boost visual quality but also offer players a choice between original and updated versions starting late February.