Lee Sin: Riot Unveils Champion Rework

Lee Sin: Riot Unveils Champion Rework

9. April 2024 by Never

Riot Games’ Art and Sustainability Update Team (AAS) for League of Legends has revealed the highly anticipated rework of the iconic champion, Lee Sin. After a year of intensive work, the team has unveiled the details of the update, which includes significant changes to the champion’s design and gameplay.

Concept Art and Design

The rework process for Lee Sin focused on various aspects, including artistic concept, 3D modeling, and character animation. Megan “Ze Ocelot” O’Rourke, the project’s conceptual artist, explained that one of the main goals was to maintain consistency across the champion’s aspects, which has been present in the game since 2011.

Significant Changes

  • Updated artistic concept for each of Lee Sin’s aspects to ensure cohesion between 3D modeling and character animation.
  • Adjustments in body proportions and facial features to ensure a more consistent appearance across all aspects.

Dynamic Hairstyle Addition

One of the most significant changes is the addition of a dynamic ponytail to Lee Sin, providing more interesting animation and silhouette to the character. This feature also improves clarity during gameplay, allowing players to distinguish Lee Sin more easily from other champions.

3D Art Enhancement

Work was done to create an updated base mesh for the champion, ensuring consistency across past, current, and future aspects. Improvements were made to Lee Sin’s model and textures, ensuring they meet current artistic and technical standards of the game.

Skeleton Update

The Lee Sin rework also involved updates to the character’s skeleton, allowing animators to create more realistic and fluid animations. New controls were added for the chest, back, and ponytail of the champion, allowing for greater precision in displaying his strength and agility on the battlefield.

Get Ready for the Enhanced Lee Sin Experience in League of Legends

The Lee Sin rework represents a significant step forward in the champion’s evolution, offering players a more cohesive and exciting experience in the game. Lee Sin enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate enjoying all these enhancements when the rework is officially launched in League of Legends.