LEC: Fnatic Shocks G2 and Dominates Spring Split Classic

LEC: Fnatic Shocks G2 and Dominates Spring Split Classic

18. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a stunning turn of events, Fnatic secured a resounding victory over G2 Esports, claiming victory in the Spring Split classic of the LEC.

Clash of Titans

The most prestigious League of Legends tournament in Europe witnessed another installment of the region’s classic showdown. This Sunday, Fnatic emerged victorious against G2 Esports, ascending to the top of the Spring Split leaderboard.

With this triumph, the Orange and Black not only shattered G2’s unbeaten streak but also now share the pinnacle of the standings with Team Vitality.

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Unraveling the Battle

Following a week filled with riveting clashes, the LEC pressed on with the Spring Split Regular Season. Amidst the early skirmishes, only G2 Esports stood undefeated after triumphing over BDS, MAD Lions KOI, and Karmine Corp.

As reigning champions of the Winter Split, G2 had already secured their spot in the Mid Season Invitational. Their journey in Week 2 commenced with a resounding victory against Team Heretics. However, their true test awaited in the classic encounter against Fnatic.

Defying Expectations

Unquestionably, G2 Esports entered the showdown as the clear favorites against the Orange and Black. Yet, reality would soon diverge drastically from expectations as Razork and his squad were determined to emerge victorious. From the onset, Fnatic dictated the pace of the game, overwhelming G2 in every facet of the match.

The early advantage stemmed from Oscarinin’s decisive 1v1 victory over BrokenBlade. Despite G2’s commendable efforts in the early game skirmishes, Fnatic remained unfazed, orchestrating map dominance through Humanoid’s adept Taliyah rotations. Gradually, the Orange squad built an insurmountable lead, culminating in a decisive victory in just 33 minutes.

A Triumph for the Ages

In essence, Fnatic’s triumph over G2 Esports propelled them to the summit of the Spring Split leaderboard in the LEC. Presently, the top spot is shared by three teams as the second week draws to a close. To catch all the electrifying action of the LEC, tune in to LoL Esports.

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