The LEC’s Unexpected Downfall at Worlds 2023: Navigating the Tumultuous Waters

The LEC’s Unexpected Downfall at Worlds 2023: Navigating the Tumultuous Waters

23. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

European Disappointment Resurfaces

The much-anticipated Worlds 2023 has turned out to be less than favorable for the LEC teams. While many hoped for a dominant European presence, the results thus far have painted a rather dismal picture.

G2 Esports: The Lone European Beacon


Outshining their regional counterparts, G2 Esports stands as the only European team with a semblance of hope. With a 2-1 performance in the Swiss stage, they’ve triumphed over powerhouses like LCK’s Dplus and LPL’s Weibo. Their consistent gameplay and adaptability set them apart, positioning them as Europe’s primary torchbearer in the tournament.

Team BDS: From Contenders to Spectators


Europe’s underwhelming representation in Worlds 2023 is further emphasized by Team BDS’s performance. Recording a 0-2 score, their prospective elimination against Dplus KIA looms large. Their matchup, slated for the morning of October 23rd, is a pivotal moment, with many expecting a conclusion to their Worlds journey.

MAD Lions: The Unfathomable Collapse

mad lions

The once celebrated MAD Lions, despite a strong season, stumbled disastrously against NRG, the leading team from LCS. Their ability to recover a 4K gold deficit, only to inexplicably relinquish their lead, raises numerous questions. Even their standout player, Elyoya, couldn’t escape the overarching narrative of Europe’s disappointing run against North America.

Fnatic: A Flicker of Promise Dimmed Fnatic


started their clash against Bilibili Gaming on a high note. However, the momentum shifted drastically around the 20-minute mark. Bin and Elk, equipped with Jax and Tristana, unleashed havoc, leading the LPL’s second-best team to decimate the Europeans.

Decoding The Issue: The Draw of Opponents

Both MAD Lions and Fnatic are on the brink of potential encounters in Worlds 2023’s fourth round. Such a matchup might herald the exit of another European contender. However, they could also square off against other formidable 1-2 teams, complicating their path further.

Unexpected Level of the LEC

While the prevailing sentiment around LEC’s performance in League of Legends Worlds 2023 skews negative, it’s essential to contextualize the situation. The prowess exhibited by teams from regions like LCK and LPL is undeniable. They’ve set a gold standard that has, for now, eclipsed even the best of Western teams. Nonetheless, hope remains for Europe’s redemption, primarily pinned on G2 Esports. The world watches with bated breath as the League of Legends esports unfolds.