League of Legends Unveils New ‘Three Honors’ and ‘Victorious’ Skins for 2024

League of Legends Unveils New ‘Three Honors’ and ‘Victorious’ Skins for 2024

11. December 2023 by Never

Riot Games is gearing up for the end of Season 13 in “League of Legends” (LoL) with exciting announcements for the upcoming season. Among the highlights are the latest additions to the esteemed ‘Victorious’ skin line and the ‘Three Honors’ collection.

Introducing Akshan Three Honors and Tryndamere Victorious

Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Vice President and Head of the MOBA studio, along with Executive Producer Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee, have confirmed two new skins set for release in 2024. Akshan Three Honors will be available in patch 14.2, expected to launch mid-January, while Tryndamere Victorious is slated for patch 14.4, likely arriving in early February.

The Evolution of the Three Honors Collection

The ‘Three Honors’ collection debuted with Malzahar in late 2022, replacing the exclusive Twitch Medieval and Warwick Grey chromas. This collection rewards players who maintain a positive attitude, with progress tied to consistent, commendable behavior. However, disruptive conduct can lead to a reduction in Honor points.

A Historic Moment: Two Victorious Skins

For the first time in LoL’s history, players will receive two Victorious skins. Following the ranked play split, promotion series have been shortened, and players can now earn these skins across any rank. The key difference lies in the final point requirement: players in Gold or higher will need 80 season points, while those in Silver or lower must accumulate 1800 season points.

Preview and Preparation

Players can soon expect to see Akshan Three Honors and Tryndamere Victorious in the LoL PBE, providing a sneak peek of their designs before they officially debut in Season 14. Now is the time for players to climb the ranks and maintain a positive demeanor in matches to secure these prestigious Honor rewards.

League of Legends Reveals Exciting New Skins for 2024 Season

As Season 13 comes to a close, these announcements reflect Riot Games’ ongoing commitment to rewarding positive player behavior and skill in LoL. The anticipation for Akshan Three Honors and Tryndamere Victorious is palpable, promising to add even more excitement and reward to the player experience in the coming season.