League of Legends: The Introduction of Triple Tonic Rune

League of Legends: The Introduction of Triple Tonic Rune

27. November 2023 by Never

End of an Era: Goodbye Stopwatch, Hello Triple Tonic

As League of Legends Season 13 draws to a close, the upcoming pre-season brings a wave of changes, including the notable removal of the Stopwatch item from the in-game store. This change ushers in the replacement of the Momento Oportuno rune with a new and intriguing rune: Triple Tonic. Let’s dive into how this rune is set to alter gameplay dynamics.

Triple Tonic: A New Dynamic in LoL Gameplay

Triple Tonic takes the spot of Momento Oportuno in the secondary Inspiration tree. It offers a progressive boost to players, unfolding its benefits as the game progresses, thus enhancing strategic depth and offering tailored advantages.

New Rune “Triple Tonic” gives these three elixirs at levels 3/6/9
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Elixir of Avarice

  • Unlocks at Level 3: Grants 5 true damage on minion hits for 60 seconds. After the effect ends, players receive an additional 40 gold.

Elixir of Strength

  • Unlocks at Level 6: Provides 20 adaptive force for 60 seconds, empowering champions in crucial early skirmishes.

Elixir of Skill

  • Unique Return: Previously seen in-game but removed in patch 9.23, the Elixir of Skill makes a comeback, allowing players to upgrade a non-ultimate ability, a strategic advantage for scaling into the mid-game.

Recomendaciones Finales

Triple Tonic rune in League of Legends is set to bring a fresh wave of strategies and playstyles, especially benefiting mages, poke supports, and enchanters. Its phased benefits mirror the game’s progression, emphasizing adaptability and strategic planning. With this change, LoL continues to evolve, keeping the gameplay experience dynamic and engaging.