Meet Smolder: The Adc Shaping the 2024 Rift in League of Legends

Meet Smolder: The Adc Shaping the 2024 Rift in League of Legends

5. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has recently unveiled Smolder, a formidable dragon from Runeterra set to revolutionize the League of Legends landscape as the first marksman champion introduced since July 2022.

The Arrival of a New Marksman

League of Legends is set to welcome its newest champion, Smolder, in the early weeks of 2024, marking the game’s first addition in the new year.

Following the announcement of Hwei, the anticipation for Smolder grew, fueled by data miners’ findings which Riot Games has now confirmed. As more details emerge and additional trailers are released, players will gain a deeper insight into this dragon’s abilities and role in the Summoner’s Rift.

From Runeterra to the Rift

While specifics about Smolder’s role remain officially unconfirmed, strong indications suggest that he will be a marksman. This introduction comes over a year and a half after the debut of Nilah and Zeri, potentially offering a fresh dynamic to the current gameplay and meta.

The Impact on Season 14

The advent of Smolder coincides with the launch of Season 14 of League of Legends, scheduled to start on January 10, 2024. This season is poised to be filled with significant updates including the remodeled Nashor and Herald pits, adjustments in the Top river area, and the controversial removal of mythic items, presenting a unique challenge to champions like Ornn.

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The New Carry Dragon Revolutionizing LoL esports in 2024

The introduction of Smolder as a new marksman in League of Legends heralds exciting times ahead for players and fans alike. With the evolving dynamics of the game, Smolder’s impact on the meta and gameplay experience in Season 14 will be closely watched and potentially game-changing.