The Revolution in League of Legends Items: Exploring the Changes in Season 14

The Revolution in League of Legends Items: Exploring the Changes in Season 14

30. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Season 14 of League of Legends is shaping up to be one of the most innovative yet. With the removal of mythical items and the introduction of new ones, Riot Games is reshaping the gameplay experience, especially for mages and supports. This article delves into the changes and explains why these adjustments are crucial for the future of the MOBA.

Transformation of Ability Power

Mages have felt that their items were less exciting compared to other item systems in the game. To address this, developers have focused on two aspects: unlocking slots and pattern linking. This update is primarily aimed at mages, offering a more dynamic and varied gameplay.

Mid Lane View

Impact on Assassins

Although the changes are more mage-focused, ability power assassins will also see improvements. This means a richer and more challenging experience for players who prefer these roles.

Revolution in the Support Role

Recognizing that the support role is fundamental in any team, Riot is working to increase the satisfaction and impact of supports in the game. This is achieved through a renewed range of support mission items, designed to strengthen champions in the early and mid-game phases.

Top Lane Update

A New Mission

The new support items are designed to overcome challenges such as variation in mission completion time and the frustration of last-hitting minions in the later stages of the game. The merging of missions and attention to detail in balance and complexity promise a more rewarding and less tedious experience for support players.

Focusing on Satisfaction

These changes in items for Season 14 of League of Legends esports not only revitalize the game for mages and supports but also introduce a new dynamic on the battlefield. With a focus on improving the overall experience and maintaining game balance, Riot Games is setting an exciting precedent for the future of the MOBA.