League of Legends Rumor: Upcoming Champion to be a Rabbit-Eared Mage

League of Legends Rumor: Upcoming Champion to be a Rabbit-Eared Mage

18. March 2024 by Never

According to a recent leak, the next champion to grace the Rift will be a Vastaya mage with rabbit-like features. As the community continues to explore the capabilities of Smolder, details about the next addition to the League of Legends roster have surfaced. The forthcoming champion is rumored to be a mage sporting rabbit-like traits, as per the leak.

Next Champion Teased: A Vastaya Enters the Fray in League of Legends

With Smolder’s arrival in patch 14.2, the spotlight now shifts to the next champion in line, reportedly a Vastaya, as revealed in Riot Games’ latest champion roadmap. Vastaya champions are known for their animalistic characteristics, akin to Ahri or the rebellious duo, Xayah and Rakan.

What do we know about the upcoming Vastayan rabbit champion from Freljord?
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Rabbit-Eared Mage: Leak Details

The next League of Legends champion is rumored to be a mage with rabbit-like features, as leaked by the reputable source, Big Bad Bear. In a video posted on their channel, the data miner hinted that the Vastaya champion is codenamed “Rabbit,” hinting at its appearance, with the acronym potentially used by Riot Games in their recent roadmap.

Appearance Speculations

While specific details regarding the champion’s appearance remain scarce, Big Bad Bear suggests that the design might resemble iconic rabbit fighters like Final Fantasy’s Viera. Alternatively, the champion could embody an anime-style mage akin to Gwen or Briar, with rabbit ears integrated into their hairstyle.

Anticipating the Arrival of League of Legends’ New

However, fans will have to wait a few months to catch a glimpse of the new champion’s appearance. As highlighted by Big Bad Bear, the champion’s debut is expected around mid-season, coinciding with the release of Skaner’s rework and Lee Sin’s visual update.

Stay tuned for further updates and teasers as we await the arrival of the rabbit-eared mage in the League of Legends universe.