League of Legends Patch 14.4 Notes: What You Need to Know

League of Legends Patch 14.4 Notes: What You Need to Know

20. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The highly anticipated League of Legends Patch 14.4 is on its way, and it’s shaping up to be a significant one for all the League lovers out there. Riot Games is set to introduce a plethora of changes, including 19 champion adjustments and at least five item tweaks.

Additionally, there will be more comprehensive balancing for support and mage items, along with updates to fountain healing and tethering mechanics. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect in Patch 14.4:

Patch Release Date

League Patch 14.4 is scheduled to go live on Thursday, February 22, according to Riot’s official patch schedule. Unlike most patches that typically go live on Wednesdays, this update has been delayed by a day, likely due to Presidents’ Day. The patch will begin staging on Australian servers before rolling out to other regions. Key patching times include:

  • 3pm CT (NA)
  • 5am GMT (EU West)
  • 3am CET (EU North East)
  • 8am KR (Korea)

Screenshot 2024 02 07 121124

Champion Adjustments

Riot is addressing several powerful champions in the current meta, including Urgot, Fiora, Varus, and Kalista. Urgent tweaks are also being made to Twisted Fate to address his increasing win rate. Moreover, significant adjustments are planned for champions like Maokai, Bard, Aurelion Sol, and Zyra.

Item Tweaks

Several item adjustments are on the horizon, particularly for new combined support items. Changes mainly focus on early stack charge activation, aiming to encourage support players to prioritize the new items over alternative starts.

Lunar New Year Celebrations

Patch 14.4 continues the Lunar New Year celebrations with the addition of six new Porcelain skins for champions like Aurelion Sol, Morgana, Miss Fortune, and others. Kindred receives a Prestige variant of the Porcelain skin, featuring stunning visual enhancements.

Kindred PrestigePorcelainSkin

Patch Notes Highlights

Here’s a glimpse of some of the champion adjustments highlighted in the patch notes:

  • Aatrox: Passive cooldown decreased.
  • Ahri: Health growth and Q ability power ratio increased.
  • Kai’Sa: R cast range increased.
  • Lulu: Q double-hit damage and E damage increased.
  • Renekton: Q heal and E cooldown decreased, R bonus health increased.
  • Soraka: Passive movement speed and Q heal increased, R cooldown decreased.
  • Thresh: Armor and E damage increased, R cooldown decreased.
  • Volibear: Q magic shield increased, E cooldown decreased, R’s turret disable duration decreased.
  • Aurelion Sol: Q bonus magic damage per second decreased.
  • Bard: Armor growth decreased, attack speed increased, passive and Q damage decreased.


League Patch 14.4 brings a plethora of adjustments aimed at reshaping the current meta and enhancing gameplay experience. With significant changes to champions, items, and skins, players can expect an exciting shift in the League of Legends landscape.

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