Hwei’s Struggle in LoL: The Underperforming Midlaner Set for 2024 Buffs

Hwei’s Struggle in LoL: The Underperforming Midlaner Set for 2024 Buffs

18. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Hwei, the latest champion in League of Legends (LoL), has had a challenging start, currently ranking as the weakest midlaner in patch 13.24. Despite receiving several buffs, Hwei’s performance remains lackluster, but there’s hope on the horizon with planned improvements in 2024.

Community’s Mixed Reaction to Hwei’s Launch

Riot Games’ announcement of Hwei initially met with mixed reactions. The champion, boasting over 10 abilities, sparked awe, concern, and excitement among players eager to master this new midlaner.

hwei abilities

The Reality of Hwei’s Performance

However, post-launch data has confirmed some of the community’s fears. Hwei has struggled to find a footing in the current patch, due to its complexity and design. Currently, Hwei sits at the bottom in midlane win rates, a key metric used by Riot Games for game balancing.


Statistical Woes for Hwei

In over 436,000 matches at Platinum level or higher, Hwei’s win rate plummets to a mere 38.98%, trailing by 10 points behind Azir, who is the next lowest in midlane statistics. Despite a decent pick rate of over 11%, Hwei fails to make a significant impact, whether in lane phases, team fights, or scaling.

Future Buffs and Potential

Given Hwei’s newness and current plight, Riot Games has confirmed buffs for 2024, potentially across multiple patches. These updates aim to revitalize Hwei’s viability in the competitive scene.

Buffs to Revive the Struggling Midlaner

The tale of Hwei in League of Legends esports is a reminder of the delicate balance in game design and player expectations. While current statistics paint a bleak picture, the planned buffs in 2024 offer a beacon of hope for Hwei enthusiasts.

This situation illustrates the ongoing commitment of Riot Games to maintaining a dynamic and balanced competitive environment.