League of Legends game is affected by a latency problem

League of Legends game is affected by a latency problem

28. March 2023 by miranda angeles

League of Legends has been experiencing a major latency problem for a few days. However, the game developers are confident that they have found the cause of this problem.

All video games have bugs occasionally, but this is especially true for multiplayer games. In addition, latency glitches are a problem that League of Legends players are already familiar with. Unfortunately, more often than it should happen, users of Riot Games’ MOBA discover multiple bugs. For example, in recent days, several players have been experiencing a problem that causes more lag than usual in the game.

Latency problems in LoL

After experiencing more latency problems than usual, an LoL user communicated his problem to the game developers through Reddit. This user exposed all his doubts and commented on his problems in the game.

Riot Tony, attentive to the comments of the gaming community, responds to this player’s questions; for the first time, someone from Riot Games explains the possible causes of the latency problem and the sporadic FPS crashes.

Riot Tony stated that the game was experiencing these issues on the League of Legends subreddit. The rioter comments that all these issues, shader settings, frame limit, and user mouse, could be related.

In addition, he comments that the game’s development team has discovered that mice with a very high-frequency refresh rate can cause the game to be slower. However, Tony states that they do not know the cause of this problem but assure the community that they are working to fix it.

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Why does lag occur in League of Legends?

The developers of LoL, at the moment, are not sure what interaction between the mouse and the game latency causes this type of mismatch. However, they clearly state that Riot Games’ MOBA misbehaves at higher refresh rates.

So Riot Tony recommends to all users experiencing this problem that all shaders be compiled beforehand. Unfortunately, these bugs cause files to load in the middle of the game, which is unexpected; however, it happens frequently.

The entire team of game developers is focused on finding a solution to this annoying problem experienced by some users. However, they have not yet found how to fix this bug, but they want to solve it as soon as possible.

In the response given by Riot Tony to this user, you can see how he is blunt and clear and states that any bottleneck that causes FPS losses in the game must be eliminated. This way prevents the gaming experience from becoming hopelessly frustrating.