Riot Settles the Long-Standing League of Legends Flash Debate

Riot Settles the Long-Standing League of Legends Flash Debate

27. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the latest 14.2 patch notes for League of Legends, Riot Games has finally put to rest a longstanding debate among the game’s community: Is the correct key for Flash ‘D’ or ‘F’? This question has sparked endless discussions among players of the popular MOBA since its early years.

The opinions have been divided, with some players, including the legendary Faker, insisting that Flash should be bound to ‘F’ to avoid ending up in Silver or lower ranks.

The Great Flash Keybind Debate

The two default keybinds for summoner spells in League of Legends, ‘D’ and ‘F’, have been a point of contention for years. Players have their preferences, with some arguing that ‘D’ is better due to its proximity to the Q, W, E, and R keys. However, in a playful twist within the patch notes, a Rioter has finally given their stance on the matter.

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Riot’s Verdict: F for Flash

As per Riot Games, and particularly the employee who penned the patch notes, the ‘F’ key is the officially preferred keybind for Flash. This revelation supports the choice of Faker and over 75% of players in Korea who bind Flash to ‘F’.

Contrastingly, in regions like Europe, North America, and Brazil, the majority prefer ‘D’, as indicated by Leagueofgraphs data. Perhaps the key to reaching the same heights as T1 and its ilk lies in switching to ‘F’ once and for all.

The Flash Bug Fix in Patch 14.2

While Riot did not alter any keybindings, they did fix a bug associated with Flash in this patch. The playful confirmation of the preferred keybind for Flash was an additional touch, adding a bit of humor to the patch notes while addressing a debate that has been part of the game’s culture for years.

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The End of an Era: Flash’s Keybind Debate in LoL Resolved

Whether you bind your Flash to ‘D’ or ‘F’, it’s clear that personal preference and playstyle are paramount. However, Riot’s nod towards ‘F’ as the preferred keybind adds an interesting layer to this ongoing debate. Regardless of your choice, mastering the strategic use of Flash remains a crucial skill in climbing the ranks in League of Legends.