League of Legends: Faker to Receive Tribute from Riot with New Item Integration

League of Legends: Faker to Receive Tribute from Riot with New Item Integration

9. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In its 14-year history, League of Legends has included many references to notable figures within its community.

However, one significant figure was missing from the game’s tribute list: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, arguably the greatest player in League of Legends history. But today, Riot Games announced a new item that will pay special homage to the legendary Faker.

The Demon King’s Crown: Faker’s Item in League of Legends

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In the latest development update, Riot Games introduced several new items to the in-game store, set to debut in the 2v2 Arena mode as part of a new category called Prismatic Items. However, the community’s attention was immediately drawn to one specific item—a clear reference to Faker.

The Crown of the Demon King stands out as the sole item mentioned in the preview of changes for the 2v2 Arena mode. This item unmistakably pays homage to Faker’s famous nickname.

If there were any doubts about the intention behind this reference, the item’s unique effect reinforces its connection to Faker’s gameplay style.

According to EduardoRiot CadmusCortejoso, “The Crown of the Demon King will exponentially increase your statistics… but here’s the fun part: if you lose a round, you’ll lose more than you gain.” This adds depth to the item’s lore and further enhances the immortal aura surrounding Faker, the Demon King, throughout his illustrious career.

Faker’s Item Availability

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The item inspired by Faker will be available with the return of the 2v2 Arena mode to League of Legends. This event is set to take place before the halfway point of the year, bringing back the chaotic and beloved game mode to refreshed servers. Stay updated on all the latest developments regarding the 2v2 Arena mode in this article.

With the introduction of an item referencing his nickname, Faker will now have an additional nod within League of Legends. The undisputed greatest player of all time will have an in-game item that all his fans will be delighted to wield.

While Faker already has skins in League of Legends that allude to him, the Crown of the Demon King marks Riot Games’ first intentional reference to Faker. Unlike Faker’s Zed, Ryze, Syndra, and upcoming Orianna skins, which were created following his World Championship victories, this item signifies Riot’s deliberate acknowledgment of Faker’s legacy.

The arrival of this item in League of Legends underscores Riot Games’ commitment to creating references within its casual community and competitive gaming scene alike. These details bridge two aspects of League of Legends that are often disconnected, creating narratives that the game must tell and that many players eagerly anticipate.

Final Toughts

Stay tuned for updates on the integration of Faker’s tribute item and other exciting developments in League of Legends!