League of Legends 2023 Season: End Date of the Second Part

League of Legends 2023 Season: End Date of the Second Part

22. November 2023 by Never

Extended Second Half of the 2023 Ranked Season

League of Legends players are eagerly anticipating the end date of the second part of the 2023 ranked season. Riot Games, in a year marked by a structural change dividing the season into two parts, has extended the second half, stirring curiosity and excitement among the competitive gaming community.

The Split Season Approach

  • First Part Conclusion: July 2023
  • Second Part Commencement: Shortly after the first part’s conclusion

The Crucial Question: When Does It End?

  • End Date: Wednesday, January 3, 2024
  • Closure Time: Around 3 a.m. CT

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Extension Details

Originally set to conclude in late November, the second part has been extended by six weeks. This adjustment caters to players focused on ranked matches, providing more time for uninterrupted progress.

Future Plans for 2024

Riot Games plans to continue this approach into 2024, with three ranked parts scheduled for January, May, and September, ensuring year-round competitive play.

Rewards and Anticipation

Players are eager for the reveal of a new Victorious skin, following Anivia’s skin for the first part of 2023. The extension gives players additional time to climb the ranks and secure rewards for their achievements.

Final Push for Players

With the second part ending in early January, players have a golden opportunity to boost their rankings and achieve their end-of-year goals in League of Legends.