League of Legends: Riot’s Swift Response with a Hotfix to Patch 14.1 Ahead of the Season Start

League of Legends: Riot’s Swift Response with a Hotfix to Patch 14.1 Ahead of the Season Start

15. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends (LoL), the acclaimed MOBA from Riot Games, is experiencing a significant start to its new season. Riot has announced a hotfix for patch 14.1, a response to the dynamic challenges posed by the season’s launch.

Understanding the Hotfix and Its Impact

As is customary at the start of each season, Riot Games introduced a slew of updates for League of Legends. This includes terrain modifications in the Rift, removal of mythic items, new objectives, and changes to existing ones like Baron and Herald.

With so much new content on the server, it’s not uncommon for the game’s balance to be slightly off-kilter initially. To address this, Riot often releases a “hotfix” – a quick adjustment to the current version. Riot Phroxzon confirmed that the first patch of 2024 will include such a fix.

Season 14 LoL

Champion Adjustments


  • Corki
  • Zed
  • Lux
  • Ezreal
  • Naafiri
  • Zac


  • Aphelios
  • Fizz
  • Gwen
  • Kayle
  • LeBlanc
  • Singed
  • Taric
  • Teemo

Item Changes


  • Essence Reaver
  • Steelplated Heart
  • Arrogance
  • Profane Hydra
  • Ravenous Hydra
  • Breakthrough
  • Tiamat


  • The Collector
  • Hextech Rocket Belt
  • Storm Surge
  • Titanic Hydra
  • Pathfinder

Riot Games aims to restore a semblance of normalcy to the game’s state, at least until the next version. Specific statistical changes are yet to be detailed but are expected to be included in the patch notes.

Balancing the New Season

To stay ahead in LoL esports, players should keep a keen eye on these updates. The hotfix indicates Riot’s commitment to maintaining a balanced and engaging gaming environment. Adjusting strategies and understanding the new dynamics will be key for players aiming to excel in this evolving landscape.