Riot to Remove Controversial Demotion Protection System in 2024 Split 2

Riot to Remove Controversial Demotion Protection System in 2024 Split 2

8. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a significant move, Riot Games has announced the elimination of the demotion protection system between divisions for the second split of the 2024 ranked season in League of Legends. This controversial feature, which has been a part of the game for over a decade, will be removed to create a more fluid and challenging ranked experience.

What’s Changing?

Previously, players hitting zero LP within a division faced a protective barrier against demotion. However, starting from the second split of 2024, this protection will no longer apply. If a player’s LP loss causes them to fall below zero, they will be deranked to the next lower division.



The Impact

With the removal of demotion protection, players will face a more demanding climb through divisions. This change aims to encourage players to prove their skills consistently and solidify their positions within their respective divisions.

Riot’s Statement

In a recent developer update, Riot addressed the reasoning behind this change. The removal of the demotion drop is part of an effort to make demotions between divisions more fluid, allowing LP to adjust smoothly based on wins and losses.

Consistency Across Ranks

This adjustment brings League of Legends more in line with other competitive games like VALORANT, where rank adjustments are fluid and do not offer padding between divisions.

Additional Changes

Alongside the removal of demotion protection, Riot is introducing other ranked changes for the second split of 2024:

  • Provisional Game Rewards: Players who perform well in provisional games will have a higher ceiling for their initial placement.
  • Duo Queue at Master Tier: Duo queue will return for Master tier players, providing new opportunities for strategic teamwork.

Kha Zix


The changes introduced for the second split of the 2024 ranked season aim to enhance the competitive integrity and challenge of League of Legends. These adjustments reflect Riot’s commitment to refining the ranked experience and maintaining a balanced competitive environment.

The upcoming split, starting on May 15 alongside Patch 14.10, promises a more dynamic and engaging ranked journey for League of Legends players. Stay tuned for further updates and adjustments as the season progresses.

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