LCS Returns to Best-of-Three Format for 2024 Summer Split

LCS Returns to Best-of-Three Format for 2024 Summer Split

18. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a significant shift, the LCS (North American League of Legends Championship Series) is poised to reintroduce best-of-three series for the regular season starting from the 2024 Summer Split.

This move marks a departure from the best-of-one format that has been in place for the past six and a half years, aligning the premier North American league more closely with the LPL (China) and LCK (Korea) competitions, both of which have consistently utilized best-of-three series.

A Return to Tradition

The format change was first reported by League content creator Travis Gafford in a YouTube video on April 17. This adjustment will bring the LCS back to a format reminiscent of the 2017 Summer Split, the last time best-of-three series were utilized, coincidentally when TSM clinched their third consecutive domestic title.

report lcs will be switching to best of three play from 2024 lcs summer split onwards

Format Details

Despite the transition to bestofthree series, the regular season will not see a significant increase in play days. Riot Games plans to implement a single round-robin format for the regular season, followed by the 2024 postseason, which will maintain the best-of-five playoff structure introduced since the LCS inception in 2013.

Community Response

The reported format change has generated widespread excitement among LCS fans, who perceive it as a significant victory for team loyalists.

Many enthusiasts view this shift as a positive step forward under the leadership of commissioner MarkZ, expressing satisfaction with the league’s direction. Overall, the community has embraced the news with enthusiasm and optimism.

tsm 2017 celebrate their third consecutive LCS title

Temporary Break

However, amidst the anticipation for the bestofthree format, there is a minor caveat. Gafford’s report highlighted a two-week hiatus scheduled within the 2024 Summer Split, coinciding with the 2024 Esports World Cup.

This break mirrors the temporary pause observed during the Spring Split, which accommodated Riot’s professional VALORANT circuit utilizing the LCS’s Los Angeles facilities.

Anticipated Change

This decision comes as no surprise, as LCS commissioner MarkZ hinted at the possibility of a format change as early as February. Acknowledging the desires of fans, MarkZ indicated that the shift aligns with audience preferences and expectations.

lol lcs 2024 stage


The return to best-of-three series in the LCS signifies a significant evolution in the league’s competitive structure, catering to the preferences of fans while aligning with international standards.

As the LCS prepares for the 2024 Summer Split, anticipation and excitement are palpable, heralding a new era of thrilling matchups and fierce competition in North American League of Legends.

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