LCS: How to Win Skins by Watching the Broadcast

LCS: How to Win Skins by Watching the Broadcast

4. March 2024 by Never

The LCS will be giving away Warband and Outlaw skins, and here we bring you a guide on the steps to follow to be one of the winners.

The most important League of Legends competition in North America has significant rewards for its viewers. This Friday, the LCS revealed that players will be able to win Warband or Outlaw skins by tuning into their matches. Here at CodigoEsports, we’ll detail the requirements you need to meet and when the broadcasts will take place.

Background on LCS and Drops

In recent years, the League Championship Series (LCS) has faced several significant challenges, from poor international results to the departure of historic teams like TSM, and a reduction in the number of participants from 10 to 8. Naturally, this decline in performance led to a decrease in viewership, becoming a major concern.

Guide to Obtaining LCS Drops

How to Receive Drops?

As usual, to receive drops, you’ll need to watch the live broadcast through LoL Esports. However, that’s not all; you must also be logged in with your Riot account.

How to Check Eligibility for Drops?

This is straightforward. If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, a small banner will appear below the broadcast with the word “Rewards” and a blue checkmark. Clicking on it will confirm if everything is in order for you to receive the drops.

Types of Rewards

It’s essential to note that drops can vary, and you won’t always receive a skin. Among the rewards, you may obtain Hextech Chests and Keys, Emotes, Icons, and the aforementioned skins.

Warband Themed Skins

  • Cho’Gath Warlord
  • Kog’Maw Warlord
  • Nasus Warlord
  • Urgot Warlord
  • Zac Warlord
  • Xerath Warlord
  • Vel’Koz Warlord
  • Skarner Alpha
  • Rebel Themed Skins
  • Caitlyn Outlaw
  • Illaoi Outlaw
  • Jayce Outlaw
  • Singed Outlaw
  • Yorick Outlaw
  • Creator Viktor

Win Free Skins: LCS Viewing Party on March 2nd – Tune in for Exclusive Rewards!

To have the chance to win free skins, tune into the LCS on March 2nd starting from 15:00 / 16:00 / 18:00. However, always make sure to do so through the LoL Esports page and be logged into your Riot account.