LCS audience continues to decline

LCS audience continues to decline

17. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The top League of Legends league in the United States, the LCS, is lagging in the number of viewers for the broadcast of each game. The LCS has had lower viewership for the second consecutive season than LoL leagues in other regions.

LCS audience continues to decline

Only one week is left in North America until the LoL Summer Split ends the regular season. And despite being at one of the most exciting points of the season, the viewership is not what the league organizers had hoped for. The number of viewers has been on a downward trend over the last few seasons.

According to statistics published by Esports Charts, the LCS currently lags behind three other LoL leagues regarding viewership. According to the data, the average LCS audience is 69K viewers per day.

While the LEC currently averages 169K viewers per game day. The difference in audience between the LCS and the LEC is 100K viewers, a high amount. Now, another league that far exceeds the viewership of the LCS is the LCK; this league averages 165K viewers per day.

On the other hand, the CBLOL, the Brazilian LoL league, is the other league that surpasses the LCS in viewers. CBLOL has an average of 73K viewers per day. Undoubtedly, the CBLOL has shown excellent league growth and support throughout the region.

LCS Viewers

On the other hand, if we look closely at other viewership statistics, such as peak viewership, the LCS is in a worse position. Last year the LCS reached the maximum peak of 109K viewers. With that audience, the LCS was behind the CBLO, the LEC, the LCK, the LFL, and the LPL.

It can be said that the LCS this last season has not been close to its audience numbers in past seasons, despite still being a very competitive league. Even these past few seasons, many LoL stars have come to the league, and some teams have reached new heights. However, the LCS does not manage to approach the number of spectators of previous editions.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that the LCS has undergone some changes this season. One of the most significant changes has been modifying the match schedule. Previously they were played on weekends, and now they are played on weekdays. Due to this change, some fans cannot watch the games because the game schedules coincide with their work, studies, or different commitments.

Undoubtedly, the LCS is on a streak of declining viewership, so the league organizers should take steps to increase their audience.