LCS 2024: A Return to Weekend Battles Aims to Reclaim Glory

LCS 2024: A Return to Weekend Battles Aims to Reclaim Glory

13. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The North American professional League of Legends scene is poised for a significant shift as the League Championship Series (LCS) announces its return to weekend scheduling for the 2024 season.

Amidst declining viewership and the departure of iconic teams like Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians, the LCS, under new leadership, is taking bold steps to recapture its audience and restore its former luster.

Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman at the Helm

The appointment of Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman as the new LCS Commissioner is a beacon of change. In his first address, MarkZ gave insights into the strategic vision for LCS 2024, emphasizing community feedback and engagement as pivotal elements.

Inaugural Week Set for January 2024

The season is set to kick off on January 20 and 21, marking a return to the much-favored weekend format. This shift comes as a direct response to community criticism and aims to reinvigorate the league’s viewership.

Riot’s Statement on the Change

Riot Games, in their official statement, highlighted the decision’s rationale: “After careful examination of our schedule and closely listening to community feedback, we are confident that the 2024 LCS schedule will allow fans to follow their favorite sports and leagues during a timeframe that works for them.”

Tackling Challenges Head-On

The LCS faces the daunting task of dealing with reduced team participation and reversing the downward trend in viewership. 2023 marked some of the lowest audience figures in the league’s history, setting the stage for MarkZ’s pivotal role in re-engaging fans.

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A New Era for the League Championship Series

As the LCS heads into 2024, the combination of strategic scheduling and new leadership could be the catalyst needed to rejuvenate the North American League of Legends scene. The return to weekend games is not just a schedule change; it’s a call to reignite the passion and excitement that has long defined the LCS.