LCK Teams Demand Structural Changes for Championship Sustainability

LCK Teams Demand Structural Changes for Championship Sustainability

19. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Teams in the franchised LCK league have reached a critical consensus, publicly requesting substantial structural changes to ensure the league’s long-term sustainability.

This move, uncharacteristic for the usually discreet teams, was made public through a statement on Twitter / X, signaling a departure from behind-the-scenes negotiations that have been unfruitful for the past three years.

Background: LCK’s Launch and Unfulfilled Promises

  • Inception in 2020: Teams enthusiastically joined Riot Games’ vision of creating “The World’s Largest Global Esports League.”
  • Growth: The league has seen steady growth in audience and fandom.
  • Issue: Despite its success, the league’s commercial value, particularly in profit and revenue distribution, has not mirrored this growth.

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Concerns Voiced by LCK Teams

  • Riot’s Diminishing Investment: Teams have raised concerns over reduced investment in LOL Esports and the LCK, evident in recurring technical issues and reduced league personnel.
  • Sustainability Questioned: The community is questioning the current investment model’s sustainability and support for players.

Commitment Despite Challenges

  • Faith in Potential: Despite obstacles, all 10 teams remain committed to the league’s potential and are willing to continue their long-term investment.
  • Demands for Dialogue and Change: Teams are requesting an active dialogue with Riot and LCK management to address key issues.

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Key Demands Include:

  1. Increased Personnel Investment: More staff dedicated to the LCK and greater involvement in league decisions.
  2. Commercial Structure Improvement: Enhanced league business structure, including revenue distribution.
  3. Match Disparity Resolution: Addressing the disparity in the number of matches compared to other professional sports.
  4. Game Functional Issues: Resolving in-game functional problems to improve the training environment.
  5. Scalable Business Model Development: Linked to LOL’s IP.

A Bold Public Statement

  • Last Resort: This public declaration comes after years of attempting dialogue and proposing sustainable structures for the league and teams.
  • Response to Unilateral Decisions: Teams have faced unilateral responses and even threats of sanctions for presenting a united front.


LCK at a Critical Juncture

Known as “The World’s Most Successful Esports League,” the LCK now faces a pivotal moment. The raison d’être of the 10 teams is at stake, and there is hope that the league and Riot will acknowledge the challenges and engage in sincere conversations to maintain the LCK ecosystem.

The Call for Change in the LCK

The LCK teams’ call for structural changes is a significant development in the esports world, highlighting the need for adaptability and responsiveness in league management to sustain growth and maintain competitiveness.