LCK Spring Split Playoffs: Match Schedule

LCK Spring Split Playoffs: Match Schedule

26. March 2024 by Never

The highly anticipated playoffs of the LCK Spring Split are just around the corner, and here’s all the information you need to stay tuned.

LCK’s Crucial Playoff Phase

As the most prestigious League of Legends tournament in South Korea progresses, teams embark on their quest for the championship title. Today,  we bring you comprehensive coverage of the LCK Spring Split Playoffs. This stage will also determine the two teams representing this region in the Mid-Season Invitational 2024.

Road to the Mid-Season Invitational

Slowly but surely, we approach the first international tournament of the League of Legends season: the Mid-Season Invitational. With some teams already qualified, including G2 Esports and FlyQuest, anticipation builds for the event commencing on May 1st. However, there’s still much to unveil regarding the participating squads.

In this regard, the LCK is set to determine its representatives imminently through the Spring Split Playoffs. s.

LCK Spring Playoffs Schedule


In the opening round, Hanwha Life will square off against KDF, while KT and DK will clash on the other side of the bracket. It’s noteworthy that Zeka and Viper’s team had the privilege of choosing their opponent by finishing third in the Regular Season.

Additionally, in the subsequent round, Gen.G will also have the luxury of selecting their opponent from the winners of the aforementioned matchups. Meanwhile, T1, led by Faker, will face the team with the by-week. Lastly, the Lower Bracket will commence from the second round of the Playoffs, as depicted in the image.

LCK Playoff Update: Finals Determine Direct Entry to Mid-Season Invitational, Follow Matches on Twitch

Ultimately, the two finalists of the LCK will secure direct entry to the Mid-Season Invitational in China. Naturally, the winner of the Grand Final will secure a better seed, consequently avoiding the Play-In stage. If you wish to follow all the Playoff matchups, you can do so via Twitch.