LCK Awards: Zeka voted best player of 2022

LCK Awards: Zeka voted best player of 2022

5. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

As we slowly approach the promising new year, South Korea seized the moment to host the second edition of the LCK Awards. There, the best players from this season’s various splits were awarded!

After a wonderful season in which DRX won the Worlds, teams are now gearing up for the new year. The transfer period is in full swing and many teams have recruited new players to start 2023 in the best possible way.

To conclude this season, the Korean league organised the second edition of the LCK Awards. In 2021, it was ShowMaker that took the top prize, with a whopping seven awards. This year, the best players from both the spring and summer splits were awarded.

And it was midlaner Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo, now a player of Hanwha Life Esports, who was honoured for his contribution to DRX’s success at the Worlds.

He was named this season’s best player. Besides that prestigious award, he also won the title of best midlaner of the season.

Here is the list of the various awards presented at the Awards:

  • Best player of the year: Zeka
  • Best Player by Position: T1 Zeus, T1 Oner, DRX Zeka, Gen.G Ruler, T1 Keria.
  • MVP Spring Split: Keria
  • MVP Summer Split: Ruler
  • Best Spring Split Team: T1 Zeus, DWG Canyon, T1 Faker, T1 Gumayusi, T1 Keria
  • Best Summer Split Team: T1 Zeus, Gen.G Peanut, Gen.G Chovy, Gen.G Ruler, Gen.G Lehends.
  • Rookie of the year: VicLa
  • Coach of the year: Score
  • BBQ Best Initiating Player Award: Faker
  • Woori Won Banking Gold King Award: Gumayusi
  • HP Omen Best KDA Award: Chovy
  • LG Ultragear Most Objective Steals: Oner
  • Logitech Most Solo Kill Player Award: Rascal
  • LoL Park Peace to the Homes Award (Team with shortest playing time): Gen.G