Revolutionizing LATAM’s League of Legends: Regional North and South League New Format for 2024

Revolutionizing LATAM’s League of Legends: Regional North and South League New Format for 2024

21. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

2024 marks a pivotal year for League of Legends in Latin America with the transformation of the Liga Regional Norte and Liga Regional Sur. These regional leagues, which have become a cornerstone for Tier 2 teams, are introducing a thrilling, singular split format, promising months of intense competition and significant financial incentives.

Format Overhaul: A Battle for Regional Supremacy

Designed collaboratively by Riot Games and LVP, the upcoming season features a comprehensive structure, including regular phases, group stages, and decisive playoffs to crown each region’s champion. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  • Round Robin Stage: In this initial phase, eight teams will battle in a double Round Robin format over fourteen matchdays. Each match will be a single-map showdown, setting the stage for high-stakes encounters.
  • Group Stage Advancement: The top six teams progress to the group stage, leaving the bottom two to reflect and regroup. The qualified teams are split into Groups A and B, each comprising three teams. They will compete in a single Round Robin format over three matchdays, with each match being a best-of-three.
  • The Playoffs: The top four teams enter the playoffs with a double-elimination bracket, paving the path to regional championship glory.
  • The Duelo de Reyes: The season culminates in a show-stopping event where the champions of the Liga Regional Norte and Liga Regional Sur face off in a battle for ultimate bragging rights.

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Economic Incentives and Organizational Growth

Both leagues offer a substantial prize pool of $163,420 per region, distributed based on performance and adherence to communication plans. This setup fosters a sustainable ecosystem for organizations, emphasizing economic viability and growth.

A Year of Unparalleled Competition

This year, fans can expect an unprecedented level of competitiveness in the LATAM League of Legends scene. In addition to the regional leagues, national circuits will also make a grand return in March. These circuits will include teams from Argentina, Chile, Peru in the South, and Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Central America in the North.

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A New Era of Competition

With this strategic overhaul, LATAM’s League of Legends scene is set for a year of thrilling battles, significant economic growth, and the elevation of regional talent. The new format promises to bring out the best in teams, fueling a year of unforgettable League of Legends action.